All Cylinders Machined And Built In House!!  Cuts Down Lead Times for Replacement, Seals, And Service  

We custom build all of our rollers, rails, and belting in house!!  Also a patiented steel belt type conveyor built with slats for ease of install and service replacement!!

Included Option W/Every Machine!!  De jammer System for every model, which cleans out the knife area and tying.  Unit is automatic!!

Auto Tie Balers 

Please Call Us Today to Size Your Conveyor!!

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All Machines Are Completely Lined Thru Out Entire Machine!!  Equates To Longer Liner Life and Even Wear With Any Type of Material A Customer Might Baler!!  Bolt In Liners Allows For !!Ease of Replacement From A Service Stand Point 


High Speed and Efficient Auto Tie Balers.  Tying Systems Both Vertically and Horizontally.  

Machines Varying from 50Hp Up To 375 HP.  Machines Running Efficient High Pressure Power Units.  This saves on power consumptions and Increases Outputs/Thru puts!!

Quality/Heavy Constructed Main Rams W/Roller Systems.  This allows for easier ram movement with less sticking issues.  Also allows for longer liner life with ease of change out for service!!

Great quality frame construction!!  Built moduliliary for ease of install and future expansion!!!

Whether its a steel belt, combo belt or slider bed conveyor.  W2S can supply standard or custom conveyors with great quality and fast lead times!!