​​​​Whether its full AUTO DEMO SYSTEM or just components, we have whatever equipment you might need to keep your yard running productively! 

Two and Three Compression Baling Systems, including all different mill size bales!

All Types and Sizes of Alligator Shears Available

Introducing the 400Ton and the 730Ton Mobile Shears.

Engine Block Crushers


Custom Metal Balers and Densifiers Available of Multiple Sizes and Production Rates 

For Complete Refurbishment and Equipment Assembly of Your Yards and Plants Existing Equipment Available.  Please Contact Waste 2 Solutions Today!

Great Cut Every Time W/Multi Material Feed!

Complete Line of Mobile Shears Available!!!  Great Option for Any Size Yard!!!

Speciality Type: Tipping Units for All Container Sizes Available 

Patentied Feed System to Handle All Types and Sizes of Scrap Ferrous Material!  Completely Automatic!!